I am a Lecturer at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I co-teach a graduate seminar in the Visual Communication Design Department.

The course, Narrative Architectures, is based on each instructor's methodology for creating narrative-driven work. My method uses tangible objects as entry-points to enable narrative construction.

We begin with the premise that every object bears the traces of its personal, cultural, historical, and functional life. Our relations to these objects and their narratives are multiple. They are mediated through discourses of identity, power, and memory.

Through a series of linked assignments involving collecting, documenting, categorizing, abstracting, translating and archiving, students learn to identify narratives embedded in physical objects and to construct new narratives by engaging with them in different ways.

This method enables students to harness the power of object stories to discover and build multi-layered narratives that connect the past to the present and the personal to the collective.